Don’t wait, Don't hesitate, CREATE!

I was newly inspired by the story of the little ginger man called David, and how he fearlessly overcame a beast of a man called Goliath. How he, against all the odds, ran towards the giant while the rest of the troops hesitated and even started to run away from this challenge.

A story I have heard so many times while growing up, became new and fresh to me when I realized that this simple act, using only a couple of stones with almost no armor, changed the course of history just because someone acted.

Even more inspiring was the fact that the soldiers probably thought: “That was so simple… We could have done that…”

And Yes, they could have… But they didn’t!

How many times as a creative, photographer, designer, activist, artist or image designer do we have the same thoughts?.. I could have created that, I could have taken that shot…

So...2014 is the year to create! Take chances, inspire and ACT.

In the words of a great mentor, Erwin McManus

“You are never going to discover your full creative potential until you’re willing to step into a crisis, a challenge, a problem, an issue bigger than you. You’re never going to discover the full creative capacity you have until you desire to step in to situation bigger than you that requires more than you ever demand of yourself.”

South Africa have seen many changes on the creative-, political- and spiritual front.

The great thing is we all have the ability to create and to be apart of changing our country, making it maybe just a bit more beautiful.

I am a lucky one, I get to tell stories with pictures, mainly because I love stories and find it really difficult to write (thats why we have Copywriters, Right?) So this is my attempt to share some thoughts, blog a bit and hopefully better my SEO ranking.

For more pictures and less words please visit my site: and lets make this year count and create some art!